Give the joy of cooking as a gift!

Carrot Kitchen is like a kids' cookbook, but much more fun!

The app's playful cooking experience inspires and guides 6-13 year old young chefs to learn new skills and have fun in the home kitchen.

By gifting the Carrot Kitchen app, you are also giving:

  • Life skills that carry beyond the kitchen
  • Courage to try new flavours
  • Independence in the kitchen
  • Healthy ingredients for life

With this gift, the child gets access to all the delicious and fun content made by food education experts, including 20+ how-to videos. The app has already 100+ easy to follow video recipes that support children's wellbeing, with 80% healthy snacks or main courses, and 20% baking or desserts. Plus new child friendly recipes to cook every month!

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Double the cooking fun!

Buy one Carrot Kitchen gift card and you can give two kids access to the kitchen!

We'll donate as many 6-month gift cards to the Carrot Kitchen app to children and families through SOS Children’s Villages Finland as purchased from us during December. Any Carrot Kitchen gift card will count.

Create a personalised gift card below, it's fast and easy!

Is the young chef receiving your gift a Veggie Ninja, Pasta Pro or Baking Boss? Choose a gift card below and personalise it with your own greetings. This gift will surely delight the junior chef for a long time!

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Carrot Kitchen for the whole school?

If you need to buy multiple gifts, contact us at:

Testimonial - Johanna picture

I love it! As a mom I really value the healthiness of the recipes. It's really awesome that our kids succeed with the recipes on their own, and even clean the kitchen in the end!


Testimonial - Benjam image

I made Carrot’s Circus Salad at our summer cottage. Salad leaves I picked from our own garden. It was a big success, and my parent’s loved it too!

Benjam 10 yr

Testimonial - Venla image

I like to cook the same recipes several times because I can trust that they taste great. And the more often I cook them, the better they taste as each time my skills also improve.

Venla 10 yr