Give the joy of cooking as a gift!

Carrot Kitchen is like a kids' cookbook, but much more fun!

The app's playful cooking experience inspires and guides 6-13 year old young chefs to learn new skills and have fun in the home kitchen.

By gifting the Carrot Kitchen app, you are also giving:

  • Life skills that carry beyond the kitchen
  • Courage to try new flavours
  • Independence in the kitchen
  • Healthy ingredients for life

With this gift, the child gets access to all the delicious and fun content made by food education experts, including 20+ how-to videos. The app has already 140+ easy to follow video recipes that support children's wellbeing, with 80% healthy snacks or main courses, and 20% baking or desserts. Plus new child friendly recipes to cook every month!

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Carrot Kitchen for the whole school?

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Testimonial - Johanna picture

I love it! As a mom I really value the healthiness of the recipes. It's really awesome that our kids succeed with the recipes on their own, and even clean the kitchen in the end!


Testimonial - Benjam image

I made Carrot’s Circus Salad at our summer cottage. Salad leaves I picked from our own garden. It was a big success, and my parent’s loved it too!

Benjam 10 yr

Testimonial - Venla image

I like to cook the same recipes several times because I can trust that they taste great. And the more often I cook them, the better they taste as each time my skills also improve.

Venla 10 yr