There's nothing more thoughtful than a homemade Christmas gift to show someone you really care this festive season. Even better if the gift is edible! Here at Kiddy Cook, we’ve picked 2 of our favourite recipes that are so easy, kids could make them by themselves, from start to finish.

Whether these delicious edible gifts are made for family, friends, or teachers, you can be sure they'll be fun to make and gratefully received by all!

Think about the wrapping

Take time to think about how to wrap your finished gift. If you make our cookie recipe as 1 giant biscuit - this would look just the part served in a pizza sized box and wrapped with a ribbon.

Pretty boxes, lined with paper and filled with your homemade Christmas bliss balls are an extra thoughtful touch as are pretty glass jars and bottles for chutneys.

If you’re aiming for a more eco-friendly Christmas - use recyclable wrapping paper - if in doubt, do the 'scrunch test'. If you make a ball of used paper, then let go, recyclable wrapping paper will stay scrunched, while non-recyclable wrapping paper will open out and needs to be added to the general waste.

Happy Christmas & happy cooking from Kiddy Cook and Carrot Kitchen!

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