Collaborative cooking and eating is the best way to get your child to be more adventurous with food.

To begin with, try make sure you eat as a family as much as possible, over time this sets a relaxed vibe for your child to be more adventurous. If your child describes a certain food as “bad” or “gross”, try get them into the habit of saying something like “this isn’t to my taste”. Even as adults we don’t like every food, so we can’t expect our children to either!

Also, make sure to talk really positively about the food your child eats! If your child is brave enough to try a new, adventurous flavour, make them feel positive through compliments. Studies have shown that this also develops their social interaction and conversational skills.

Cooking and Baking together.

When children take an active role in the food they eat, and take part in the meal prep, they always enjoy it more, who doesn’t! Don’t underestimate the cooking skills of your very own junior chef: A 6 year old can break egg perfectly, and slightly older children might surprise you with their knife handling skills (With proper direction and supervision of course).

Learn about your ingredients by smelling or tasting them during the cooking process!

Add some more zest to the cooking process by making it funny! Who could come up with the funniest name for a pasta dish, or who could make the craziest cupcakes?

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