Cooking is more fun when you have convenient and functional tools. Here's a list of Carrot Kitchen's TOP 10 kitchen equipment:

equipment-knives Knives A sharp kitchen knife is the most important tool for every cook. Properly sized kitchen knife is safe and easy to use. Make sure your fingers fit well between the handle of the knife and the table when the blade is against the cutting board. Watch tips on using and cutting with a knife from the Carrot Kitchen skill video!

A paring knife is smaller than a kitchen knife. It is convenient when you have to cut small things or be precise. Use a paring knife when you peel an orange or remove the core from an apple. Always wash the knives by hand with dishwashing liquid. The knives get dull easily in the dishwasher.

equipment-pealer Peeler A sharp peeler is the best helper for peeling fruit and veggies. The blade can be moving or fixed. Try which one you like the best.

equipment-measuring Measuring utensils You should have at least a teaspoon measure, a tablespoon measure and a measuring jug. Kitchen spoons make it difficult to measure the right amounts because the size of the spoons varies a lot. Watch measuring tips from the Carrot Kitchen skill video!

equipment-spatula Spatula A silicone spatula is the best helper for a gourmand and a zero-waste chef. It allows you to scrape the sides of the bowls and pans cleanly and efficiently. No unnecessary waste! And you can even scoop the last bits of the batter straight in your mouth. A spatula is often the best tool for folding a batter as well.

equipment-colander Colander A colander that stands firmly upright is the best assistant for a pasta cook. It stays stable in the sink when you pour the cooked pasta into it. A colander is also a handy aid for rinsing lettuce and other vegetables.

equipment-springformtin Springform cake tin Non-stick springform cake tin is one of the baker's most important equipment. It can be used to bake cakes as well as savoury and sweet pies. The clasp on the side makes it easy to pop the cake out of the tin. Just line the cake tin with baking parchment and grease the edges before adding the dough. Watch clip in the Carrot Kitchen app that shows how you can easily line a cake tin with baking parchment.

equipment-scale Kitchen scale An electronic kitchen scale is both fun and convenient. It can be used to check the amount of vegetables, the weight of fat and to perform various tests. How much does 100 ml of water weigh, what about 500 ml of strawberries? A scale is essential for baking so you can measure flour and sugar.

equipment-bowls Mixing bowls Make sure you have mixing bowls in various sizes. It's easy to mix ingredients or whip cream in a stable round bottom mixing bowl. Plastic bowls are light to use. Metal bowls rustle a bit, but are really durable. Which do you like more?

equipment-fryingpan Non-stick frying pan A non-stick frying pan is one of the most important equipments in the kitchen. Take good care of your pan. Use only wooden or plastic utensils and always wash it by hand. This way the coating of the pan remains better and cooking is safe and easy.

equipment-saucepan Saucepan and lid Hello, saucepans and lids! The clatter and clang of pots and lids is a part of cooking. It’s good to have a lid, even if you don't need it every time you cook. However, save electricity and always boil water under the lid.