A mother’s love deserves a really good gift, and homemade edible gifts are enjoyable to make and provide that personal touch that mothers unquestionably deserve!

1. Amalia's Oatmeal Cookies

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Amalia's Oatmeal Cookies are extremely easy to make, and the ingredients are simple. You probably already have all in your cupboard, so no need to go to the store! Wrap these sugary snacks in pretty packaging and include a personal note or a Mother's Day card as a gift. The recipe can be found here: Amalia’s Oatmeal Cookies

2. Sofia's Nutella Cookies

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The second Mother's Day recipe is Nutella Cookies. These succulent treats are ideal for all ages! Wrap them in baking parchment and tuck a secret note inside to decorate them. These cookies only take 5 minutes to bake and the recipe can be found here: Sofia's Nutella Cookies

3. Olivia’s Oreo Balls

Olivian Oreo-pallot

The third Mother's Day recipe is Oreo Cookies. This recipe combines the best aspects of baking: chocolate, Oreo cookies, and decorating! This recipe also gets bonus points for not requiring the use of an oven! The recipe is available here: Olivia’s Oreo Balls

You can find plenty more Mother’s Day recipes from Carrot Kitchen app. We’re sure your mum would love cheesecake in a jar, yummy carrot muffins or you could even cook her breakfast in bed with our delicous breakfast recipes!