How did the idea of Carrot Kitchen first come about? Well it all started at home. My mother was a home economics teacher, so her teaching made its way from the classroom to the home! Our family would not just eat together, but also cook together every single day. I passed down the principles I was taught to my kids, and by the time they flew the nest, it occurred to me that they were more well equipped in the kitchen than most people their age. I realised that the principles my mother passed down to me would do well in many other families!

I made the decision to leave my career in advertising and dedicate myself to encouraging kids to follow healthy lifestyles in particular by developing varied, wholesome eating habits. I wanted to create something that would inspire kids to cook in a modern and healthy way.

In your opinion, how important is it that children learn to cook? All throughout my life, I’ve personally experienced and seen on others the joy that cooking can bring to kids. It promotes sharing and freedom of expression, and especially for smaller kids, develops key social and problem solving skills.

Cooking is a creative process, creativity skills that kids learn in the kitchen can be transferred to all other areas of their life, such as education. Not to mention, good cooking technique encourages less food waste. Never forget that the future of our kids goes in parallel with the future of our planet and environment.

What Does the future hold for Carrot Kitchen?

Our dream at Carrot Kitchen is to create a community that brings kids together from all over the globe. No matter what culture, no matter what background or what upbringing, food has the power to bring kids together. Our children are our future!

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We at Carrot Kitchen also have some fun questions for Olli!

What is your dream dinner guest? My dream dinner guest is a kid who wants to cook with me. It would be fun to cook with Buddy Oliver (Jamie Oliver´s son).

Whats your favourite snack? Supereasy smoothie: just mix blueberry juice and yoghurt.

Does pineapple belong to pizza? I love pineapple but not on pizza.

Whats your favourite cooking music? Sound of the sizzling frying pan, haha!

Your favourite Carrot Kitchen recipe? Massive pizza breads rules! Warm sandwiches work always and they are easy and quick to prepare.