There are as many versions of paella as there are cooks in Spain. This classic Spanish rice dish is served in one pan and made with rice, veggies, chicken, and seafood. The yellow colour comes from saffron, the world's most expensive spice. Did you know that paella is served for lunch in Spain?



Have you tried cold soup before? Gazpacho is a cool tomato soup that hails from Andalusia, making it ideal for a hot day's lunch. Gazpacho is often served as a starter. Choose sweet and ripe tomatoes for the soup. Gazpacho recipe can be found in the Carrot Kitchen app.

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You can find a tapas bar in just about every corner of Spain. Tapas are small, snack-sized dishes eaten typically before lunch and dinner. Watch the recipe video in the app to learn how to put together your own delicious tapas plate.



Spanish Tortilla or Omelette is a classic dish that is served at tapas bars. Tortilla is a great way to reduce foodwaste because you can use leftover cooked potatoes. Pretty convenient! When served with a fresh salad, a hearty tortilla makes a great lunch. A recipe can be found in the app.

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Empanadas are savoury pastries that can be stuffed with almost anything! Minced meat, chorizo sausage, fish, veggies, and even raisins can be found inside these salty delicacies. Yummy! Empanadas can be served cold or hot.



In Spain, deep-fried doughnuts called churros are served for breakfast. Imagine that! Crispy churros are served with chocolate sauce. In the app, you'll find an easy churro recipe that uses the oven instead of hot oil to make the doughnuts.You get to practice piping at the same time.

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