A delicious family brunch is the perfect way to kick off the day. Bring out the nicest tableware, fold the napkins beautifully (you can find napkin folding instructions and How to set a table skill video in the app!)and arrange some flowers in a vase. Finish the table setting with fun place cards. Which card do you choose for yourself?

Print the place cards here. placecards-en

The Carrot Kitchen app has a lot of wonderful brunch recipes. How about breakfast peppers, a fresh drink, or fluffy scones? Or are you treating your family to a delicious avocado toast or a perfect omelette? Finish the brunch with two delicious dips and your favourite fruits.

We’ve selected our favourite brunch recipes from our foodblog:


1. Make the brunch egg-citing! Keep it classic and cook some scrambled eggs. You need only 5 ingredients! Serve the velvety scrambled eggs with bacon, toast or sausages.

The recipe can be found here.

Sausage rolls

2. Crowd pleaser sausage rolls These little pieces of pastry goodness are filled with minced meat. You can make the sausage rolls the night before so there's less to do in the morning. How handy!

The recipe can be found here.

Emilin suklaakuppikakut

3. Love all things chocolate? Great! You should try Emil's Chocolate cupcakes. This foolproof recipe will be everyone's favourite! And they're pretty easy to make too.

The recipe can be found here.