Elina, where did the idea for the clips came from? We wanted to create a new type of food content that was both entertaining and inspiring for junior chefs. We'll be publishing new clips every month in addition to the app's regular recipe videos. The best part is that you can watch them all for free!

In Clips, we'll show you the most entertaining kitchen tips and hacks. You can see how to line a springform cake tine with a baking paper or how to strip herbs off their stems easily with a grater. You can learn more about the junior chefs who cook in the app's recipe videos by watching the Spotlight clips. In addition, you'll find simple and delicious quick mini recipes!


Can I request topics for future Clips? Of course! You can send us a direct message on Instagram.

There was a junior chef in one Clip, is it possible to send my own video to Clips? We're excited to see the kids' own cooking videos! You can introduce yourself, demonstrate your cooking skills, or teach others a useful cooking tip. Please send us the video via Instagram or email info@carrotkitchen.com. Make sure you get your parent's permission first.

Which clip do you recommend watching first? If you enjoy fruit as much as I do, you might be interested in watching a video that shows you how to peel a kiwi quickly and easily. It's extremely useful!

Download or update the app here and check out the new exciting short videos, Clips!