Of course, the junior chefs prepared the most simple and enjoyable recipes!

The simple Cheese And Egg Toastie is repeatedly crowned as a classic by all junior chefs who cook it! This simple yet delicious snack was the most cooked recipe of 2021. Download the app now, and check it out in the free recipe section!


Cardamom and chocolate milk, who knew! The second most popular recipe was a yummy chocolate milkshake,Banana Chocolate Milk.


Chocolate Microwave Mug Cakes! were the third most popular recipe. This fun and chocolatey recipe also teaches young chefs about baking powder! PS: If you dare, you can even mix a little chilli into the dough of these delicious cakes!

See a full list of the top 10 most cooked recipes from Carrot Kitchen! Download the app here!

how to use oven

Looking at our most practiced kitchen skills, it's clear our junior chefs have been shaped into master bakers!

Our most popular skill video from Carrot Kitchen in 2021 focused on the safe use of ovens. Measuring was the second most practiced skill, which is an incredibly important technique for baking!

Fun Fact ! Dishcloth wiping technique was one of the most watched skill videos of the year. Junior chefs seem to know that a good chef is also a clean chef!

panda profile picture

Can you believe that out of all the profile pictures, the Panda was used the most by children? Has your junior chef previously used the Panda profile picture?

Unicorns and cooking buddies, forever!

The junior chefs invited all of their friends to cook with them last year! The easiest challenge, obtaining a unicorn character by sharing an app link with three friends, received the most completions of any of the challenges.

But those chocolate meringues were also devoured! To obtain the baker's best meringue recipe, Chocolate Meringues, the future master bakers baked a huge stack of Finnish Butter Buns and White Chocolate + Raspberry Muffins.

Cheeseburgers XL

Our beloved burger recipe was given the highest ratings by our junior chefs!

Cheeseburgers XL deservedly grabbed incredible star ratings, 4.9 / 5! These easy to cook burgers would fit perfectly in any family dinner and taste a hundred times better than burgers from any fast food chain!

Two of our wonderful cakes tied for our silver spot Candy Cake and the fun, chocolate Mummy Cake. Both cake recipes in the app received 4.8 / 5 stars from our junior chefs!

What kind of cooking year will 2022 be?

Our junior chefs will decide, so open the app now and get cooking! Download the app here.