Happy healthy kids -
Happy healthy planet

What we at Carrot Kitchen believe in?

We know that children learn many essential life skills in the kitchen. That gave us a spark to found Carrot Kitchen. We believe that if kids get to cook themselves, they become braver eaters and develop a balanced and positive relationship with food. Through cooking with Carrot Kitchen, kids learn to love and appreciate food, cook healthy meals, make choices that promote their wellbeing and enjoy the joy of shared meals together. Healthy habits and sustainable choices, learned as a child, are an effective way to influence, not only their own wellbeing, but the future of our entire planet.

We think the world needs more happy and healthy kids. Let's open kitchen doors for kids!

Happy healthy kids - happy healthy planet.

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Meet the Team

Olli Freese

CEO, Founder

As a son of a home economics teacher, I learned to cook chocolate pudding at the age of 5.  I have enjoyed cooking and good food ever since. I’m an award winning brand and leadership professional, and my big passion is projects with social impact. I’m a dad of two sons brought up with good food and love. Master of Food Science.

Kaisa Torkkeli

Food Pedagogue, Researcher

Spices were my childhood treasures, and creativity the most important spice of grilled sandwiches. Ever since then, I have cooked, tested, tutored and created content as a food editor, home economics teacher and a mother of two children. Cooking still excites me, currently in the role of doctoral researcher.

Emmi Kuusikko

Chief Product Officer

I have loved eating homemade sushi since being a toddler living in Japan. Today my Finnish-Italian family enjoys the best parts of both countries’ food cultures. After 15 years of running product teams in gaming companies in Finland and the UK, I am thrilled to create playful and fun learning experiences around food for kids with Carrot Kitchen.

Piritta Koivisto

Chief Experience Officer

I have loved good food since I first opened my eyes, and I'm happy that my two kids share the same love. My working career, both in Finland and abroad, can be summed up with the words Human Insight. I’m passionately interested in the human mind and love to create products and communication which answer real needs, is relevant and touching. In Carrot Kitchen I want to help families to bring up happy and healthy kids with good food.

Tero Saarikivi

Tech Lead

From a very early on, I noticed that good food was always present in the best gatherings. That observation sparked my interest in cooking. In Carrot Kitchen I'm able to teach important skills about sharing and caring to the next generation.

Anemone Aaltonen

Community Manager

My siblings and I encouraged each other to try crazy versions of the foods we ate on a regular basis. I no longer eat porridge with cheese, but I’m always up for trying out new flavour combinations. I'm excited that I now have the opportunity to encourage all junior chefs to use their creativity in cooking.

Ilari Niitamo

App Developer

Baking with my mom was incredibly inspiring to me as a child. It opened up my mind to cooking food, especially desserts, and fed my creativity. The same childlike playful tinkering led me eventually to a career developing creative kids' apps. With Carrot Kitchen, I get to combine my two passions: kids' apps and cooking.

Elina Ylitervo

Food Content Producer, Project Manager

My mother found me eating blue cheese from the package when I was a toddler. I’ve been an open-minded eater ever since. As a food journalist I’ve always found it important to write recipes for kids and families. During the day I make food content for Carrot Kitchen. In the evenings I cook for my two sons who are yet to discover how wonderful blue cheese is.

Kids are our team's Development Directors

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Kids are our most important, critical and fun team members. They are our shining stars. We don't only do Carrot Kitchen for kids, but work with them together in everything we do. We get direct feedback if our recipes don't work, our social media content is boring or general feeling is dull. The most important driver for us is that kids' voice, ideas and laughter is heard in everything we do in Carrot Kitchen.

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