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Happy and healthy kids grow in the kitchen

Do you have little chefs in your family or would you like to get your kids inspired about cooking and healthy eating? We in Carrot Kitchen are parents ourselves, and know all too well how busy family life is – it’s full of hustle and bustle! Carrot Kitchen is here to help! Now kids have their very own cooking buddy, and parents have extra help in the kitchen.

Tasty and healthy recipes and skill videos, designed by food education experts, enable a fun and safe cooking hobby in the child's own home. Monthly recipe packs guarantee that kids at all skill levels will find something nutritious and yummy to cook. With step-by-step recipe videos kids can cook independently, but it's even more fun together with friends and family. Game-like cooking experience encourages to try new flavors and ingredients.

100% happiness guarantee. Kitchen is where the fun happens!

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Our Magic Ingredients

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All recipes designed by top class food education experts

Your child’s wellbeing and safety are of top importance to us. You can always trust that we design all the content with kids' wellbeing and happiness in mind.

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Game-like cooking experience and 100 % happiness guarantee

Kids are our shining stars and they are allowed to shine. Game-like cooking experience guarantees the fun and motivates learning. All Carrot Kitchen recipes are seasoned with kids´ laughter.

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Kids set the pace to guarantee safety

With step-by-step video recipes and how-to videos with clear audio guidance, kids can set up a cooking pace best suited for their own skill level.

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Healthy kids, healthy planet

Kids learn to make sustainable choices in a fun and tangible way. They can influence, in addition to their own wellbeing, the future of our entire planet.

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New fresh recipes and content each month

So your child can keep cooking and learning even more! Recipe packs follow our wellbeing formula: 80% of the recipes are nutritious meals and healthy snacks, 20% are fun treats.

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The game is on!

Carrot Kitchen offers a playful game-like cooking experience.

Kids earn points from every cooked recipe to increase their Chef level. They can easily follow their own progress through the app, and gain points and rewards while learning new skills. The more they cook, the more points they get. Who wouldn’t want to be The Master Chef of their home kitchen!

Kids can also join fun cooking challenges to win more yummy surprise recipes!

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Getting hungry?

Kitchen is where the fun happens! Let your child sink their hands in some dough, blend a power smoothie, or cook a pasta dish for the whole family. Yummy yummy yummy!

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